And then, just like that, it happened.

Twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Veritas is a clinical psychologist, quickly establishing herself as a young success with her own thriving practice in a comfortable area of town. Reeling from the painful reality of recent events, she settles into her new life with neat precision, a practical choice conveniently removed from memories that her childlike nature and romantic heart might otherwise indulge. When an unexpected visit from an old friend one fateful summer sends Rebecca on a journey almost 2,000 miles from home, she will discover that the greatest change of all may be recalling who you truly are. Yet, as she begins to find healing in this idyllic setting, malevolent forces threaten the quiet serenity of its majestic landscape. As they calculate their revenge, the paradigm shifts, bringing it full circle, to the very beginning of the story.

Readers will delight in their encounter with characters old and new in this suspenseful conclusion to The Veritas Chronicles, a story of humanity, forgiveness, and healing that serves as a timeless reminder that the simple intermissions that give life meaning may never be cast aside.