Can a rose survive in winter?

Rebecca Veritas is a new college graduate, eager to pursue her dreams as a clinical psychologist. After receiving a full scholarship for an internship recommended by her old professor and friend Dr. Everson, she leaves the quiet suburban town of Cedar Heights for the big city of Los Angeles. As she adjusts to her new surroundings, beginning to work with her assigned mentor and a wide variety of clients with all the enthusiasm of a fresh intern, she finds solace in a mysterious antique bookstore. Yet, as her thoughts still linger on someone from her past, she is unaware that the present has the potential to haunt her the most. As time passes, a growing sense of unease quickly transitions into more disturbing events that make her question if all is as it seems. When circumstances take an eerie turn, Rebecca will find herself a player on a larger scale than she had ever anticipated, a scale that could cause one to pay the ultimate price.

In this riveting sequel to I Thirst (2013 YATR Literary Award for Best Prologue), the adventures of Rebecca Veritas, the young, introspective dreamer with an inclination toward random insanity, continue.

                                                     Praise for The Rose and the Sword

"Brilliant storytelling rhythm. Exquisite sequences of literary imagery that stir the heart, but never come off as adolescent or corny. An effortless stream of fresh comical musings, clever dialogue, poetry, complex relationships, and suspenseful adventure. The exposed vulnerability of the main character greatly intensified my connection to her, and made the story even more satisfying."
                                         - Award-Winning Author Josh Baker

"A blend of psychological thriller, coming-of-age, and friendship [perfect for] young adults, new adults, and anyone with a sense of beauty, adventure, and a love of poetry. I have never read a book quite like The Rose and the Sword. While it's definitely a novel, it is also poetry. Not poetry in the sense of lines and lines of verse (although there is a little of that) but rather poetry in the way the author thinks. Deep musings that [challenge] the reader to think."
                                       - Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Susan Peek

"Overflowing with clever one-liners, quirky characters, and a worldview full of wonder, this book hops literary genres and immerses itself in pure fine literature."
                                      - J.J. Francesco, Crime Novelist 

"Beautiful tapestry of intrigue, romance, and rich poetic expression. The mysteries to be solved therein will keep you turning the pages."
                                     - Marianne Komek, Author of More Roses than Thorns

"The imagery [GMS] creates in her stories is unlike any other books I’ve read. And, as a fan of mysteries, I thoroughly enjoyed the elements of mystery and suspense added to this novel . . . While this series is completely appropriate for teens, the depth of the relationships and topics put them on a slightly different level than most YA."
                                    - Award-Winning Author Leslea Wahl

"The breaks within chapters develop a rhythm somewhat like verse, leaving the reader to discern reality from imagination."
                                   - Carolyn Astfalk, Finalist in the 2016 IAN Book Awards 

"Classic good versus evil. A counter-cultural approach between the protagonist and the villain(s). Marinello-Sweeney is one of my favorite writers of characters because she is not afraid to include colorful peccadilloes and weird little idiosyncrasies that are the stuff of life."
                                  - Vincent, Goodreads Reviewer (4-20-16)

"Masterful writing. A perfect combination of both the fast-paced and the philosophical. While I Thirst reminds me of hot summer days and waves lazily lapping against the beach, The Rose and the Sword is as busy and bustling as Los Angeles itself.  [GMS] has such a way with words that makes this girl who hates a dictionary suddenly fall in love with sophisticated, colourful words. In fact, even the prose sounds like poetry to my ears.  The foreshadowing, the wordplay . . . it makes me very happy because I love a book that makes me think.

I was live blogging about this book all night . . . I finished the entire 373 pages in a few hours – I didn’t even know I could read that fast??"
                                   - Anna, Goodreads Reviewer and Blogger (4-2-16)

"Extremely vivid. Uniquely touching, humorous, and compelling style. The element of suspense held my attention from beginning to end."
                                  - Rachel, Amazon Reviewer (10-1-16)

"I 10/5 recommend The Rose and the Sword! The style actually reminded me of Michael O'Brien's, which is a very good thing because he's one of my favourite authors."
                                 - Elodie (Readable Mélange), Goodreads Reviewer and Teen Blogger (1-15-17)

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