When Rebecca receives a mysterious note from an unknown source, she has no idea how it will change her life.

Twenty-year-old Rebecca Veritas is used to being different, but has never felt extraordinary.  She is a Dreamer, living in a world of poetry intermixed with the antics of her unique family and eccentric best friend Adriana.  When she meets Peter, a young student from Canada who seems somehow to understand her from the start, her perception changes.  With "Intermission", the single word in that mysterious note, as inspiration, the two writers embark on an incredible journey to a new world in the form of a story that will ultimately parallel their own lives.  Yet, as the story progresses, events remain ever more shrouded in mystery.  When unexpected circumstances in the real world throw their lives in disarray, it will be up to Rebecca to find the true meaning of "Intermission" before the curtain closes on the final act.

                                                       Praise for I Thirst

"I Thirst  spoils the reader with a cultural cornucopia of literary styles and clever storytelling . . . I love those rare instances where a story blossoms into something unexpected and sends you on an adventure you never saw coming . . . inspiring read!"
                                                - Award-Winning Author Josh Baker

"The pages are rich with inner meaning to be pulled apart like the petals of the rose."
                                                - Award-Winning Author Karen Kelly Boyce

"Mystical blend of poetry and prose.  One-of-a-kind."
                                               - Theresa Linden, Author of  Chasing Liberty

"Wonderfully engaging characters. There is a lot to enjoy . . . from the delightfully quirky Rebecca, the easy-going banter she enjoys with her best friend, the kind and slightly mysterious Peter to the story within a story and the beautiful prose."
                                                - Award-Winning Author Leslea Wahl

"Beautifully written debut . . .  [The] writing style is very poetic and lyrical with fantastic imagery.  I really appreciated the engaging, unique narrative . . . "
                                                - Nancy Scrofano, Author of  American Honey

"I Thirst is a masterfully told story about life, friendships, and being yourself."
                                                - E.D. Phillips, Author of  Midnight Captive

"Poetic novel.  I stayed up far past my bedtime to read this book.  The writing and descriptions are beautifully poetic, and the characters are easy to relate to.  There is a wonderful mix of humor and depth within this novel--something not easily achieved . . . "
                                               - Jansina, Author of  Shrouded Jewels

"Great novel that is written in a different style. There is a personality in Rebecca that is elusive and keeps you trying to find out what will be on the next page."
                                              - Mary Ann Vitale, Author of  The Water Lily Fairy

"Inspiring.  This novel is absolutely beautiful.  By the end I was left feeling so peaceful and nostalgic.  It reminds me so much of growing up and being in the company of my closest friends...  [I Thirst] tells the story in a fashion that's halfway between poetry and a personal diary, all the while remaining literary in almost a Victorian manner.  I always wondered how Jane Austen would write if she lived today - perhaps this is it!"
                                              - Seytara, Amazon Reviewer (5-13-13)

"A literary gem . . . Gina's style of writing makes this a work of literature in the truest sense of the word. She weaves a story in a rather lyrical fashion. At times you wonder where she is headed. But, similar to reading GK Chesterton, if you just keep on reading, her writing takes you somewhere beautiful."
                                              - Donna, Blogger and Goodreads Librarian (7-10-13)

"Superb mix of enchanting elements and extraordinary vision. Multifaceted characters. I loved this book -- its mosaic quality and complex continuity. Had it been a never-ending story, I could have read it on and on, and enjoyed without fail the many surprising twists and turns . . . Deftly delivered its themes in a constant motion that when at the end, looking back, you were amazed at the splendor of the simplicity that wrapped everything in its web. I have never seen anyone combine so many creative elements in one story, and produce such an enthralling narrative . . . I highly recommend it, especially for anyone wishing a boost to his or her mood; it's a great feel-good read!"
                                             - PVResom/Jean P, Amazon and Goodreads Reviewer (2-8-17)

"The friendship [between Peter and Rebecca was] so beautiful - I would put it up there with Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings . . .  Even if the story had been ordinary, the descriptions that painted pictures in my mind and were never uninteresting would have made up for it . . .  It was a great weekend read, and I definitely plan on reading it again.  I was delighted to read in the 'About the Author' section that Gina is writing a sequel to this book.  I don't think she will be able to write fast enough for me."
                                           - Alyianna, Blogger and Goodreads Reviewer (5-22-13)

"Narrative prose worthy of Wordsworth . . .  GMS is an excellent narrator in her descriptions which read more like close-ups of the scene.  The writing is incredibly consistent and I could believe that Rebecca would write that well because it was true to how she spoke . . .  There were so many times when reading I Thirst that I thought to myself, 'I’m going to see this line in one of those sites that record quotes,' and it is clearly Bartlett worthy."                                     
                                           - Cristina, a fan of the official facebook page (5-23-13)

"I Thirst is unconventional in structure and unpredictable in plot, a refreshing departure from more typical stories with expected outcomes. I found Marinello-Sweeney’s use of varied writing styles and settings to be unique and enjoyable."
                                          - Anne, Goodreads Reviewer (10-17-13)

"I Thirst takes the reader on a journey, or rather, two journeys. The overlapping story within the story offers a wonderful new style that is rarely seen in today's books. Also the poetic descriptions and compelling storyline will surely grasp the attention of anyone. Beautifully written, masterfully told story."
                                         - Catherine, Goodreads Reviewer (10-19-13)

"The style and tone of I Thirst is absolutely beautiful. The characters are true to life, and one can easily understand their situations. There is a touch of humor which is good for the story. It is an enjoyable read."
                                          - Jerome, Blogger (12-1-13)

"Beautiful and touching story. It was well-written, eloquent, and filled with beautiful imagery."
                                          - Melissa, Goodreads Reviewer (7-31-15)

"[Marinello-Sweeney] has a talent for creating believable and memorable characters without resorting to a formal description . . . I enjoyed the story within the story approach and the distinct yet subtle differences in style between the outer and inner stories."
                                         - Carmen, Amazon Reviewer (1-26-14)

"Poetic writing style and wonderful characters . . . I could really identify with Rebecca, and I enjoyed spending time with her."
                                         - Nicole, Goodreads Reviewer (8-26-13)

"Incredibly lyrical and poetic, making it seem as if you're reading a song at times and experiencing the story's world firsthand . . . Inspiring and gives a true meaning to the words family and friendship."
                                        - S.L.K., Amazon Reviewer (6-3-16)

"Rebecca Veritas [has] a magical perspective of the world around her. [The symbolic images are] woven portals that lend perspective to the providential patterns of life, and the poetry throughout the book is lyrical, thought-provoking, and mystical . . . It is the little moments of life - the various "intermissions" in our individual dramas - that ultimately contain the most profound meaning. I also appreciated the realistic description of Rebecca's respiratory issues . . . The author bring all these things to life with empathy and sensitivity, and I look forward to seeing where she takes the story for the continuing Veritas Chronicles."
                                       - Avellina, Literary Magazine Editor

"From the moment I began reading it, I was whisked away by beautiful words into the world of Rebecca and Peter. I've read some books where I can't wait to get past a lot of the descriptive details that aren't very descriptive. However, this book is completely different . . . a mixture of prose, poetry, and everyday language that paint a fantastic story in the mind and captured my attention. It made me feel like I was there with Rebecca as she and Peter became closer. I also love the random quirkiness of Rebecca."
                                      - Earth Angel, Amazon Reviewer (6-11-16)

"I didn't quite know what to think of the very crisp vocabulary mixed with simplistic, everyday dialog, but I soon was drawn in. I don't know how I should feel about eavesdropping in on a 20 year old female college student's life, but I thoroughly enjoyed this multi-layered story. Bravo!!"
                                     - Scott, Goodreads Reviewer (10-23-15)

"Challenges you to look deeper."
                                     - srm, Amazon Reviewer (4-8-16)

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